Traveling in Europe the Easy Way

Tips for Travelling Around Europe

You have finally made a decision to take a tour of Europe, while it isn’t necessary to have a tour guide, you might consider checking out some destination guides like Travelfoot. This can help you plan your travel accordingly and save you the hassle of looking for a hotel for the night. Nevertheless, it is essential that you carefully plan for this trip by taking into consideration some of the travel tips for Europe discussed below. Whenever you put these tips into consideration, you will enjoy your trip and suffer minimal setbacks.


There are a variety of modes of transport in Europe, when you travel by train, a one way ticket will cost you approximately $ 2 USD. These charges vary from one country to another. There are two types of trains: the slow and high speed trains. The slow speed train is relatively cheaper compared to the high speed trains. Railway lines interconnect different cities in Europe. You can also acquire a rail pass since they are convenient for long distance and inter country travels.

Buses on the other hand are much cheaper compared to trains. Each country offers its own bus service, however, the continent boasts of the Euro lines bus service that serves the whole continent.

This travel tip to Europe will help you choose a preferred mode of transport that fits within your budget.


Food is readily available throughout Europe. There are local vendors who sell pizzas and sandwiches at relatively low prices. Aside from the vendors, there are a number of small shops located at the train stations, bus stations and along pedestrian secluded areas which sell fast foods together with full meals at approximate prizes of between $ 6-7 USD and between $ 10-15 USD respectively. Food in the eastern part of Europe is cheaper compared to the west. If you love to cook for yourself, food stuff will cost you a total of $10 USD daily.


In Europe, the further east you go, the easier it is to secure accommodation at low prices. A room in Athens will cost less than the same size of room in Paris. There are varying kinds of accommodation ranging from campsites to hotel rooms. Self contained hotel rooms can go for a low as $30 USD per night. The prices are bound to vary depending on the city and popularity of the hotel. Campsites are a fun way of spending your night, a tented space is charged at $25 USD on the high side and $ 10 USD on the low side. Hostel dormitories are also available but are more expensive than campsites. You also have the couch surfing option which will enable you connect and stay with locals for free.


All the major cities of Europe offer free walking tours. Take advantage of this golden opportunity and learn more about Europe without having to spend an extra cent. There are many tourist attraction sites and fun filled activities in Europe. Paris, Prague and Berlin are beautiful cities with much to offer. The Greek Islands are a major tourist attraction site, especially the capital city. You can find an array of different Athens tours and excursions to keep you busy. Your visit to Europe will not be complete if you do not attend the Oktoberfest. It is advisable that you get a tourist card from the local tourism offices as you will be able to enjoy great discounts on a number of touring services.


It’s important to remember you will be visiting another country and it is important to be respectful of their customs and traditions. Make sure that you research where you are going beforehand so that you don’t accidentally offend anyone whilst you are visiting. For example, did you know that Norwegian people believe you should take your shoes off when entering someone else’s house and that most European countries eat their evening meal late at night?

Credit cards

Carry more than one credit card if you can. Having multiple cards like the Platinum AMEX ensures you always have enough money to get by on if you need it. Cards can get lost or stolen so having more than one always guarantees spare money if incidents do happen. If possible, walk around with some cash whenever you decide to use the freeways. This should be done as precautions since the toll booths are often unreliable. Cash is also great for buying souvenirs or lunch etc. Some places can add extra charges to cards as they’re being used in a foreign country.

If you follow the above travel tips for Europe you will enjoy your trip and at the same time minimize the cost of your expenditure.