Traveling As a Way of Life

Traveling As a Way of Life

Real Tips on How to Change to a Nomad Lifestyle and Travel the World

Do you want to travel the world indefinitely? Want to wake up in a new place every week? If so, this post is for you. I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do in order to make this dream a reality. For those that travel consistently, there are ways in helping with getting the money to do this, for example, there are those that invest in airlines as well as Lufthansa Aktien kaufen (buy Lufthansa shares), so they earn money from a sector that they rely on heavily which takes them all over.
I used to think only wealthy people or those coming from wealthy families were able to travel the world for long periods of time. Even though I am a firm believer in the power of intent and I do believe anything is possible, every time I read stories on travel blogs I find myself thinking “How do they do it?!”

The Loneliest Planet movie
The Loneliest Planet

In this post I am going to show you the basic idea of how it can be done. I got ireally nspired by a book I read “The Four Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferris. His book really made me see it is possible to do that and much more! I have to say that I don’t personally care for the internet persona that Timothy has built for himself and I also don’t like many of the ideas that he presents on his book, but putting aside the capitalistic approach of the author and his pompous-sounding nature, the information in this book is really worth reading. Many thanks to Timothy for opening my mind to new possibilities.

Let’s start.

You are Living in the Wrong Country: Money Value Fluctuations by Geographic Location

It is no secret that money is an invented idea, we all believe in it and thus it exists. Money value is the same thing; I won’t pretend I understand the inner workings of the economy but the fact is that your money is probably worth more in another country.
For instance, in Buenos Aires,you can have a full breakfast for the equivalent of $5 USD while in Israel the same breakfast will cost you around $30 USD. Working these differences between currencies is what can allow you to travel the world and not go broke in the process. There’s nothing worse than going on holiday and worrying about money. This is why many people from the UK may take out a small loan to cover any extra costs. If you’re in the UK, you could consider checking out Lending Expert to ensure you make the most of your holiday!
If you feel that you live in the wrong location or country, and that you spend more than you are saving, consider moving to Andorra, where crime rate is lower, property tax is lower, and other more desirable amenities are available. For more information on this country, you can take a look at the Andorran property market here.

Lost in Translation Movie
Lost in Translation

Get into the Global Village, Start Working Online

Today more than ever, it is very important to learn the skills needed to make a living online. I can say for myself that 4 years ago I was cooking steaks in my father’s restaurant for minimum wage. 9 months later I was working at a top SEO Company making two times the income, and today I am traveling and working – all thanks to the internet (to know more, look for spectrum internet plans). When you first start, it doesn’t matter how you manage it, but find a way to have dollars coming to you from online work and you will be able to travel as much as you like.

The internship movie
The Internship

Free Yourself From the Constraints of Materialism

I know that sounds like an overused cliché, but it is the sad truth. We have learned early on that material things are the most important aspect of life and that we have to live to get and accumulate items that we don’t need and rarely use. Before traveling you need to get rid of lots of stuff and evehing that is not necessary; sell it or donate it. lTless you havite Wh the more freedom you will get.

The Great Gatsby Movie
The Great Gatsby

Dismantling Your Sedentary Life is Much Easier and Faster Than What You Might Think

Traveling the world is much cheaper than living in your country, especially if you currently live in a “first worldcountry. Let’s analyze this simple fact: You can live very nicely in Buenos Aires for around $800 USD a month. As long as you are earning in dollars there are many places where you can live where your dollars will worth much more. Think how little your budget will get once you don’t have to pay your “first world” apartment, meals, gym membership, car and other expenses of living in a fix location.

Ted Movie

Free Your Mind, Your Body Will Follow

Now that I understand what can be done, I can’t stop myself from thinking, how didn’t I do this before? The answers are simple: my mind wasn’t ready for the change. I was not able to accept the idea that traveling the world and working at the same time was possible. I can tell you today that the only thing stopping you from doing what you want are the limitations you set for yourself. Set your mind free and there is no limit of what one can achieve.

Limitless Movie


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