Top Tips for Traveling in the USA

USA Travel Tips

With the US holding something for everyone it’s no surprise that it’s on most people’s wanderlust list. From the sunshine state to the buzz of the big apple, no matter what you seek from weeks or months of travel there’s a destination in the US to help you on your journey.

But if you’re not a native you may want to educate yourself before hopping over the pond, so that you don’t end up broke and bored. Like with all places that aren’t home, there’s a certain way things get done, and it’s good to know how to get on with the locals so that you can have the time of your life. Also, traveling to the USA may not be as simple as you assume. If you have a criminal record, you need to look into whether traveling is possible. Those with a criminal record who are living in Canada will need a US entry waiver before entering the country and luckily these are very accessible.

Pack Less

USA travel tips

You’re not exactly traveling to the outback, so pack light and don’t risk having to carry around heavy luggage that will break your back before you’ve even started your adventure.

With plenty of shops around there’s no need to take toiletries or too many pairs of shoes. Should you need them there will be malls and shops at almost every location across the US, so don’t go over doing it. Learn how to pack and fold your clothes efficiently so that every piece of space in your hand luggage can be utilised.

The same goes for books and other heavy items, ask yourself if you really need it? And if you do, is there a way of just photocopying your guide book pages rather than having to take the whole thing?

Wear Sunscreen

USA travel Tips

Just like you would lather on the lotion for Europe the same goes for the USA.

Many of the locations during the summer months can get up to extreme temperatures and high humidity, so it’s best to keep yourself cool and safe at all times and carry them with you. The weather can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is your day ruined because you came unprepared. Especially in areas like Costa Rica and the southern American areas. So if you decide to enjoy a resort similar to Buena Vista Del Rincon (which you can learn more about at so be sure to take care of your skin!

Watch the Tax

shopping in the USA

It’s too easy to shop until you drop in the US-of-A, as with the biggest consumer market there’s a wealth of choice that can be really overwhelming for even the savviest shopper.

But before you go spending all of your dollars in a heartbeat don’t forget about the sales tax! Most states have sales tax added onto the price at the checkout, the price you see usually isn’t the price you’ll be paying, and there isn’t a tourist tax refund like with VAT. So just go steady with what you spend and keep this in mind.

Take Part

USA travel Tips

Whether you’re traveling to America for a few weeks, or even considering moving to America, sport is a huge cultural pastime, with College sport being just as revered as the professional sporting teams.

It’s common at many social gatherings that one form of sport will be played, so even if you’re ball skills aren’t quite pro get involved and take part, as it can seem rude not to.

Americans are team players and if you’re on their soil you should really make the effort to understand their favourite patriotic sports. Go prepared with athletic clothing and a pair of running shoes so that you can take part at a moment’s notice. Popular brands to go for include Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and others but check for good deals that won’t break the bank. You could even use Nike coupons to get an even greater reduction on your purchases. It’s far better to play the sports in the right clothing rather than in your brogues!

Avoid Hot Topics

USA travel Tips

It may be acceptable to discuss politics and religion in your own country during social gatherings, but these are topics you should really try to avoid as American’s don’t generally do this with people they don’t know.

You may enjoy heated discussions with your own family over an ice cold beer, but it’s best to leave this at home and focus on understanding the ways of your host.

No matter where your travels lead you, keep in mind these top tips and you’ll be fitting in like a true American in no time.