Things We Never Travel Without

5 Things We Never Travel Without

Travel Gadgets & Fitness Props for Nomads

Whether you’re traveling via a boat tour agency like, backpacking by yourself, or visiting one country at a time, there are certain gadgets that you can’t live without in the 21st century.

We’ve been backpacking for almost 2 years now and besides the usual packing list and gadgets like laptop, mobiles and camera, there are 5 more things we always take with us on the road, no matter where we go. These can aid us in researching about the places, reading travel magazines like vacation mode, and also guide us throughout the journey.

Here is a small glimpse into our backpacks and daily routine.

Upright Posture Device

No matter how hard I try sitting straight in front of the screen, after a few minutes I am in full slouch mode again. Working online constantly causes a lot of back pain, not to mention damages your health. After a while, your back could become quite ceased up, so it would be wise to look into an adelaide back pain chiropractor or one that is in your vicinity so you can get your back looked at to see what the damage is. It is better to get it sorted now before you are too far gone in the future. So in addition to yoga and exercise, I was looking for something that could help us improve our posture while we work.
The Upright device is attached to the body’s lower back. It helps you track your posture and sends a vibration anytime you slouch, as a reminder to straighten yourself, whether you sit or stand. It’s also really small so it doesn’t take up space in the backpack and we can carry it everywhere.

The Upright can also be connected with an external iPhone/Android app via Bluetooth. This allows us to create a personalized training program to stay straight and in shape.

The Vivitek’s Qumi Projector

One of the things we didn’t want to give up during our travels was watching movies and our favorite TV series. So the Qumi projector is basically a lifesaver for us and we love it! Sometimes when we’re in a new place we have to improvise and make a DIY projector screen, but usually, we watch a movie almost every night. We used a few other mini projectors in the past, but this one is by far the best we had. It’s a feature-rich LED HD, its lightweight and portable (very slim and weighs only 460g) and it goes with us everywhere. If you want to buy a projector (or proyectores comprar as the Spanish would say) I recommend this one!

Vivitek's Qumi projector

Gaiam Reversible Travel Yoga Mat

We started practicing yoga about a year ago, not too long after we started our South America trip. Not only Yoga helped me with my back pain, but it also helped me stay in shape in my daily routine and while on the road and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
We both try to practice Yoga almost every day, whether we’re traveling to a new place or even in days we need to work all day indoors. So, buying yoga mat was a must,. This way we could practice easily anywhere anytime we want.
We use the Reversible Travel Yoga Mat from Gaiam. It’s Lightweight, sticky enough and durable; only 1/16 of an inch thick and weighs only 1 pound. It’s packable and great for travels as it can easily be folded or rolled up.

3. Gaiam Reversible Travel Yoga Mat

Black Mountain Resistance Bands

Traveling is a lot of fun; knowing new places, new people, and especially new food! The problem is that you cannot bring the gym with you, so it can be a tricky business if you want to work out and stay fit. And here come the resistant bands to our rescue.
The black mountain Resistant bands considered one of the best in the market and they are available in a choice of 8 strengths. The bands are portable and let us do a full body work out, easily from everywhere.

Black mountain resistance bands

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