Security Tips for Woman Traveling in Thailand

Having plans to travel in Thailand by yourself? Have you already taken the time to check out how to travel safely? Does the beauty of Thai beaches tempt you to take a stroll but you are concerned about your security? If so, then trash all your worries and enjoy the beauty of Thai beaches. You will never have to resist yourself if you follow certain security tips. Let us have a quick look at security tips for woman travelling in Thailand.

Walking Alone on a Thai Beach at Night is Risky:

Even if it is the most beautiful, cool and the most tempting evening, you should not try to take walk around alone as there have been a couple of incidences of rapes and attacks on western women on Thai beaches. Although such instances are rare but to be on the safe side you should avoid walking along the beaches at night, you’d be better off staying in the more populated areas at night, you could even take yourself off to a ladyboy bar or show, if you’re not clear on what you might see at one of these bars or shows or maybe you’ve led a sheltered life then follow this link to give yourself a heads up.

Do not Go Topless:

There are many western ladies who go topless in Thailand. If you have plans to do so then refrain yourself especially on the beaches. Thailand is a conservative country and going topless is not permitted here so it is offensive to the localities and draws a lot of unwanted male attention which can put you on the stake. Wearing bikini is just fine on the Thai beaches but you should not wear only bikini bottoms at the beaches to be safer.

Always Wear Bras:

Again for the same reason you should wear bras. To do away with unwanted attention and for being tagged as a decent girl you should put on your bras when you are on the Thai beaches. Wearing spaghetti strap tops and tank tops is a great idea but you should always make sure that you have your bras underneath them. Yes, you want to look as sexy as these Stockholm escorts when you are on vacation, but it is important to understand when you need to cover up.

Be Cautious About your Baggage in Trains:

Plenty of women travelling around Thailand need to take trains at some juncture. If you are travelling by train and have an overnight journey then you should be very cautious about your bags which are at high risk when you are fast asleep. Always keep your bags locked securely and keep them under your seat. There have been instances where Thai women and western women travelling alone fell victim to thefts and robbery so you should be very careful while traveling by trains in Thailand

Be Careful When Using the Internet:

Thailand has quite stringent internet censorship. In fact, it has been given an internet censorship rating of 6 out of 10, with 10 being the harshest. This sort of censorship in Thailand started as a way to block inappropriate and pornographic content (although residents could find out How to unblock Pornhub on as well as gambling sites. However, later in time Thai citizens were banned from free speech as anything that threatens, defames, insults, or is in any way unflattering to the king, queen, regent, heir apparent, or previous monarchs is illegal. This includes anything you post on sites like Facebook and Youtube, so be aware of what you are posting and what sites you are visiting.

Be Careful While Hiring Taxis:

This is one of the most important tips for woman travelling in Thailand. Although, there have been rare instances where women have issues with Thai drivers but to as a precautionary measure you should call your friend and give her your taxi number prior to travelling by taxis at night. If you have any argument with taxi driver do not try to confront him. Instead, you should ask him to stop and get out of that taxi.

There are other security tips for woman travelling in Thailand. Like, they should not drink too much for precautionary sake. Booze is very cheap in Thailand and it is absolute fun to have drinks with your friends but you should resist taking alcohol when you are travelling alone in Thailand.


  1. Hey! Thanks for these reminders!

    Let me just add something though. It’s better not to talk to strangers. Some locals can be overly friendly, and that’s scary. So it’s best to just avoid them. I think it’s better to be tagged as a snob than to be victimized. Although this gets a little tricky sometimes because some locals are really nice.

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