Really Unique Things You Can Do in London

Unique things in London

With all the massive information we have online, today, when traveling to a new place its very easy to find original and special things to do rather than just go to the main popular attractions. All you need to do is a good search. In my opinion a great travel can be a mix of both visiting the main attractions everyone knows but also go to unusual places and do other things that a city like London can offer. This post is all about fun and special things I recommend to do in London whether if this is your first or even third visit to this amazing city. If you’re looking to brush up on your English skills, so you can order fish and chips like a Londoner, visit AJ’s website.

Go Cycling in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

If you choose a hotel near Hyde Park or the city centre you’ll definitely have more time to enjoy London. Being located in the heart of the city, Hyde park is close to some of the best hotels, restaurants and attractions in central London. With so much greenery, pathways, picnic areas and many events that are held in the park, it’s no wonder many people want to stay nearby.
If you are lucky enough to have nice sunny days on your visit to London, you definitely should go on a morning bike ride. I’ve walked around these gorgeous parks too, but with bikes its easier and much more fun! Cycle hire stations are located within the parks (paying with credit cards) and there are special cycling roots around, but you can also wander and explore this huge city outside these green and vivid parks. If you’re not so fond of hiring a cycle, you could get a boy’s or girls 16 inch bike and ride around the city as much as you want to.

Cycling in Hyde part London

Going to a 1920’s Theme Party

There’s no better place for a party than London. London has such a vibrant and varied night scene and Picking a party location is never easy. After a good search online I found out about 1920’s prohibition parties. Theme parties are very popular in London and you can easily find clubs that organize such parties each month in really special venues. You can also order your tickets online in advance. A full story of my experience you can read more in this post.
1920's Party London

Going to a Music Concert

From jazz to pop to rock music, the capital offers any live music events you can think of. By searching online you can find out about the hottest London gigs, concerts and music festivals coming up on your visit dates. One month before our trip we did the same and searched for concerts on We bought tickets online for ‘Chime for Change’ A global music concert at the ‘Twickenham’ Stadium to bring girls’ and women’s issues to the world’s stage. This was an amazing music concert and also served a great cause for women everywhere around the world. The concert featured artists like Beyoncé and Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding, Florence & the Machine, Jessie J, John Legend, Rita Ora, Timbaland and many more.
Time for Change concert london

Going to See a Movie

Our evening at the ‘Electric Cinema’ at was definitely one of the best experiences we had during our 10 day trip to London. The movie theater sets at Portobello road and is over 100 years old. We were stunned by this beautiful vintage interior design (which most probably is the work of a reputed interior designer found at firms similar to Landmass). The interiors have leather armchairs with footstools, side tables, double beds, and cashmere blankets in the front row, which provides a unique cinema experience.
electric cinema entrance
At the entrance to the cinema you can buy a ‘Candy Bag’ for 4 pounds and fill your bag as much as you like with candies and small snacks. Inside the cinema there is a bar serving fresh food, ice cream, cocktails, wine, beer and champagne.
The atmosphere was amazing and the food was so delicious – I wont be exaggerating if I say this was the best hotdog I ever ate in my life 🙂 We booked the tickets online a week before and we chose the double bed sits. It was so much fun and so comfy!
Electric Cinema london

Foodie Delights: Looking for Afternoon Tea and a Good Indian Restaurant

In my never ending search for good authentic places to eat, I went to this very authentic restaurant called Mughals Restaurant, after a long day shopping in Covent Garden. The dimly lit room and extensive Indian dishes caught my attention straight away. For someone who’s been to India I can say the food was very authentic and also very delicious.
Another fun experience while visiting the UK and not just London, Is Treating yourself to a traditional afternoon tea. Afternoon Tea is a tea-related ritual, introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. Its is a meal composed of tea with milk, finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and sweet pastries. This delight is not so cheap but there is a various Afternoon Tea venues, hotels, tea rooms and you can checks for last minute deals online. On our third day after cycling around Hyde Park, We went to the ‘Orangery’ and enjoyed our afternoon tea. This place is very elegant but not too expensive. it has a great view to the Park and offers over ten different tea flavors and fresh cakes.
The Orangery tea party London
Afternoon tea london

Hope you enjoyed!

Bar and Morin London 2013


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