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Working constantly online we have the opportunity of seeing lots of websites from fellow travel couples. For a while we have been itching to put together a list of our favorite and most inspiring travel couples blogs. If you are inspired to start travelling after reading this article then please explore your travel money options to make your travel experience more enjoyable. Here are our top ten favorites countdown.

#10 Don’t Ever Look Back

Don't Ever Look Back Top Ten Travel Couples Blogs

Amy and Kieron believe that travel should be as fun as it can get. This Australian couple shares tidbits of information about the different places they’ve toured and the experiences they have derived. After their first trip together way back in ’07, they decided to dedicate more time, effort and expense to finding out more about the world around them through travel. Since then, they have been asking themselves where to travel next before making it happen. If you too are preparing to travel the world, make sure you visit your local travel clinic to get vaccinated for many worldwide destinations.

#9 Latin America Travel

2backpackers Top Ten travel Couples Blogs

Latin America Travel documents the adventures of Aracely and Jason Castellani, as they trot the globe. This is the story of an American couple who constantly feel the need to get away from it all and go on to live a more adventurous and satisfying life. The Castellani’s share their backpacking experiences through writing, travel photos and HD adventure videos. Their blog also specializes on RTW travel, budget travel, couple travel, travel photography and filmography.

#8 El Boquerón Viajero

El Boquerón Viajero Top ten travel couples blogs

A bilingual and bicultural blog by Abigail and Pedro is written in both English and Spanish and it aims to share the essence and the true experience of what it is to be a traveller. Just like us, Abigail and Pedro also love to share their foodie delights, travel experiences and photography. Their blog rests on the values of enthusiasm, sensibility, personal growth and curiosity which for us, communicates the essence of what it means to travel.

#7 The Fighting Couple

1000fights Top Ten travel couples blogs

For exotic destinations, relationship ideas and tips on how to improve your travel experience, you can start by reading Mike and Luci’s 1000Fights blog. As a self- proclaimed fighting travel couple, Mike and Lucy offer witty ingenious ideas and wise words for couples who have decided to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world. From squabbles and full- on fights to relationship and travel tips, you can be sure that The Fighting Couple have you covered.

#6 Dave and Deb Travel

The Planet D Top ten Travel Couples Blogs

Deb and Dave are veteran bloggers and travelers. They have been in the business of leisure and pleasure for a number of years now. The Planet D specializes in adventure travel to the far corners of this large, unconquered globe. Their blog features well crafted stories and stunning travel photos that will keep you glued to your computer screen for hours. We came across this blog right before we decided to change our lifestyle and start traveling. Their story really inspired us to go and create our own wonderful memories.

#5 Suitcase Stories

suitcasestories Top Ten Travel Couples Blogs

Michael and Nicole have always maximized on their vacation time since the day they got into a relationship. This was so much so that they sold all their property and took a break from their careers. Today, they have made holidaying and touring their main calling in life. Suitecase Stories is a luxury travel blog that provides destination guides, travel tips and other stories to inspire you to set out on a tour of discovery. It shares tips for (extremely) affordable luxury travel and it has a house sitting section with tips and information, which will enable you to stay on course for a longer period of time. Those who can afford on-demand and instant private jet costs will find that a whole new world of elite travel opens up before them – it’s worth thinking about if you’re the jetsetting type looking to conquer the globe’s hottest travel destination.

#4 GlobetrotterGirls

Globetrottergirls top ten travel couple blogs

Dani and Jess, a German-American couple, have been travelling the world since 2010. The blog is full of beautiful and unique photography, lots of travel tips, accommodation and foodie reviews. While on the move, their mission is to inspire curiosity and provide tips and tools to help you see and explore the world as much as you can.

#3 Dalene and Pete Heck

Dalene & Pete Heck Top ten Travel Couples Blogs

This travel blog is the brainchild of Peter and Dalene Heck, a very talented Canadian couple with a phenomenal story. Way back in 2009 the Hecks decided to leave everything, sell their house and start traveling the world. Today, they are living their dream and have mastered the beautiful art of slow and lazy travel. As such, they are considered experts when it comes to discovering house sitting jobs around the globe. What is more, they document the most important details of each adventure on their travel blog. With standout photography, great writing and impeccable narration, you can be sure that Hecktic Travels ranks among the best travel sites you can find today (and in time to come).

#2 Never Ending Voyage

neverendingvoyage Top Ten Travel Couples Blogs

Never Ending Voyage is a very cute and beautifully designed blog by a British couple, who gave up their previous lives in the UK and decided to start globetrotting indefinitely. Simon Fairburn and Erin McNeaney document their journeys through outstanding photography and excellent writing. As experienced digital nomads, the couple also offer both inspiring and practical travel tips. They’ve been traveling around since 2008 and you can see their amazing journey on their map and destination pages.

#1 The Gypsy Nesters

gypsynesters Top Ten Travel Couple Blogs

David & Veronica are the GypsyNesters and our favorite travel couple! After experiencing the ‘Empty Nest’ syndrome when their kids have grown and left home , they decided to change their lives, sell their nest and become a full time travelers wandering the globe. This blog shows you how to travel without straining your budget, time or creativity. This is exclusively through travel and the wonders that stem from setting forth from home to learn what the world holds for you. It definitely takes courage and spontaneity to leave and change everything you know, sell everything you own and just walk into the unknown. We decided to give the first place to The GypsyNesters because we believe it’s much easier to leave everything and start again at a young age, but its much harder when you’re older and have actually something to lose, not to mention leaving your family and your everyday routine.

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  1. As a big follower of Gypsy Nesters I think you have made the right choice. But age has nothing to do with becoming a citizen of the world. It is a mind set and all of us, no matter what age, that love to travel will tell you that home is where you are at the moment. The Gypsy Nesters have embraced that ideal.

    Love the list. Thank You.

    b+ (Retire In Style Blog)

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