Manso Boutique Guesthouse

Manso Boutique Guesthouse

Manso Boutique Guesthouse

When we decided to go to Guayaquil we weren’t planning on staying too long. We stopped here just to relax for a few days before we’re headed to the Galapagos islands. I wanted a cozy place in a good location and that’s exactly what I got.

The Hotel

Manso Boutique GuesthouseManso Guesthouse is a part of ElManso project, which includes not only this lovely accommodation but also an agro-ecological cafe, where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner; a cultural center, a souvenir shop and a hiking and trekking excursions.
Manso Guesthouse is not your usual hostel. Each of the rooms available is decorated individually and have a specific color scheme. So, there is a ‘green room’, an ‘amber room’, a ‘tangerine room’ and a ‘lime room’ and so on.
The Guesthouse drew my attention mostly because it was located right on the Malecon. Our evenings were far more romantic just because we could go for a stroll along the river and admire the city at dusk. On top of that our room came with a river view, too and I loved starting my mornings soaking in the sun and enjoy the lovely view.

Eco-Friendly Hotel

Manso Boutique GuesthouseMansoMix -the agro-ecological cafe located at the guesthouse. The dishes combine all kinds of Ecuadorian flavors and ingredients; Here you will find vegetarian Yapingacho, vegan pesto spaghetti, shrimp spaghetti, or a bean burger. A special attention is given to lentil sprouts, which strengthen the body and give it more vitality, and probiotics found in fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, so be ready to find them in most of the dishes on the menu. Everything is fresh, organic and comes from family farms near Guayaquil.

The White Room

Manso Boutique GuesthouseWe stayed in the white room, which had a lovely homey feeling to it and regardless of what you might think the room wasn’t entirely white. The walls were painted in nice lilac colors and the curtains were white.
The big plus of the room was the little, cute balcony which overlooked the river and the boardwalk and I loved the free hand made soaps and the bamboo shower!

Breakfast at Manso Cafe

I have already mentioned the Mansomix cafe and its menu. We normally went there for breakfast and I must say that it was pretty good. What can beat toasts, free-range eggs, and organic fruit? Every day it set us off for a good start and our stomachs felt full until late lunch. The only thing that I personally didn’t like was the tamarillo juice, but you almost can’t really escape that in Ecuador:)

All in all Manso Boutique Guesthouse was a great choice and if it wasn’t for the fact that I really longed for some tranquillity and spending some time in nature, I would definitely stay there a little longer, even if it was just for the food.