Indie Travel Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Since we’ve started traveling, I’ve been looking for apps that will help us get around more easily everywhere we go, and also to help us organize our budget and travel plans. Mobile apps have become huge over the years and it only takes looking at sites like Cell Phone Deal for mobile phone app statistics to prove this. We have all used the basic social media apps, emails, and other things but have you thought about different apps for when you go traveling? These apps have great reviews and can really be helpful for travelers. Since these apps have great reviews they can be trusted. Recently, many apps like the ones mentioned below can be seen on the App Store. With their innovative ideas and skills to turn vision into reality, many mobile app developers are making it easier for travelers to discover new places.

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Anyway, coming back to the topic, here are some of the best apps we found, that prove to be fun and very useful on the road!

Take Me Home, I’m Wasted (iPhone, Android)

With this app, you can find your home from anywhere you’re at. Meaning you can use it to find your way home from whichever state you are in. You can also use it to spot other locations, such as bus stations, parking spots or the hostel you are staying and set them as your current ‘home address’. Very helpful if you lost your way back to the hostel or forgot where you parked your car. Additionally, you can listen to music while using the app and dance your way back to your hostel:)

take me home I'm wasted app take me home I'm wasted app

SitOrSquat (iPhone, Android)

This funny (and very useful) app comes with a database containing the location of more than 100000 toilets around the world (and counting). Should you ever find yourself in need of a toilet in an unfamiliar location or a new city you just arrived at, just search by geolocation, postcode or city and the app will give you a list of options to choose from. The app also rates toilets for cleanliness (by indicating whether it is a squatter or a sitter), with a note stating whether the toilet is currently open or closed. Some listings even come with photos!

sit or squat app sit or squat app

Spotted by Locals (iPhone, Android)

With this cool app, you get a series of mobile city guides with updated tips posted by locals in more than 50 cities in North America and Europe. All the locals (referred to as ‘Spotters’) are handpicked and carefully selected. They live in the city they are writing about, speak the local languages, write about their favorite spot and provide insider tips.

Spotted by Locals Spotted by Locals

Talk to me Cloud (Android)

I’ve been looking desperately for a translation app to help me with my Spanish on my travels around South America. After a long search trying many app I found ‘Talk to Me Cloud’. A Real-time speech to speech translator. With this app, you get speech recognition in more than 15 languages, output voices in 30+ languages and the translation can either be sent as an email (voice and text) or as an SMS (text only).

Talk to Me Cloud app Talk to me cloud app

TripBoss Travel Manager (iPhone, iPad)

On my searches for a budgeting app to help organize our travel budget, I couldn’t find anything that is resourceful enough and has a user friendly interface. The only thing close to what I was looking for is the TripBoss.
This travel budget manager is very useful when travelling. You can use it to organize your expenses and break them down into easy to understand categories. You can also make currency conversions in the real time and if you wish, you can convert the data you stored into a different currency.

Tripboss manager tripboss manager app

The Traveler (Android)

One of the most used apps on my Android. This app will organize, document and store your travel plans in a single virtual road trip scrapbook. The app also adds markers to your map that correspond to all videos and photos you take. So even if you want to share your journey with others or earn some money on platforms like Newsflare (, this will make it easier to access the videos as well as know exactly where you took them. It’s a digital trip journal designed for anyone who is traveling and wants to capture their experiences. Features:
* Capture photos, videos and audio on your trip and a marker will be added to the map
* Records your path using Google Earth
* Be shown the best resources for planning your road trip (liberty mutual auto insurance reviews, budgeting tools, etc.)
* Sends your travel paths records to Google using Google Docs & Maps
* Shares media with friends and family
* Sketches and draw using a variety of brushes and tools

The traveler app The traveler app

Know of any other useful and fun apps to use on the road? Just add a comment below.