How Travel Feeds My Soul

I love to travel. I want to see the entire world five times. Why? It’s more than just the need to experience adventure and make the most of what the world has to offer. It’s a feeling. Once the travel bug bites you, you’re hooked. There are so many people out there that have yet to discover the transformational experience travel can give oneself.

I was first bit by the travel bug back in 2004. One of my girlfriends and I decided to backpack through Europe. It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. I was a broke college student but managed to pick up some extra bartending shifts, book my tickets and make it happen. We travelled all over Europe including Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Naples, Belgrade and Crete! I’ll always remember Greece, we hired a car from e-mietwagenkreta for this part of the trip and saw so many sights, ate so much Greek food and had the time of our lives! Since then I’ve made my way through Europe several times, South America, China, Southeast Asia and many stunning locations right here in the US.

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Being able to travel and see the world is a beautiful thing. Travel can truly help make you the very best you…how you ask? Below I’ve listed a few ways traveling the world will feed your soul. Enjoy and shine on!


When you experience different cultures, especially if you take the time to visit developing countries, you will find spending your time in pursuit of money and material items do not always bring happiness. A life lived working a 9-5, watching the clock will be seen in a whole new light once you’ve broken free from your daily routine.


Nothing builds your confidence more than traveling. It’s a clear-cut way to want something, plan it and make it happen. Traveling is not always easy and many obstacles often get in your way. Getting through the tough stuff makes an epic trip all the more worth it. Break free from your comfort zone. As a bonus…you’ll have all sorts of impressive stories and pictures to share with friends and loved ones.

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Seeing the world provides an education you simply cannot get in school. I know I’ve learned more in my travels than I ever learned from a book or the Internet. You not only learn about the cultures you’re visiting, but you get to know yourself. You’ll see how you handle uncomfortable situations, how outside influences can make you feel, and most importantly, you’ll gain first hand experiences on how the world REALLY works, not just from what you see and hear from a third party. You get to create your own informed opinions on topics you would have never thought possible otherwise.


Travel friends are THE BEST. Meeting new people from around the world is an amazing way to get an in-depth look at any culture. It forces you to venture outside your normal circle, and opens your eyes to other customs and traditions in addition to creating life long relationships. People who travel are usually pretty awesome. They’re often adventurous, laid back and a pretty good time.

Low on cash and short on time? Don’t let that stop you. Some people who are really dedicated to travel might be interested in trying to make money from it. Travel blogs and Instagram accounts have become really popular lately, perhaps creating a traveling account could give some money. You could always use socialfollow to gain more followers too if you wanted. This can encourage more people to follow your page, increasing your chances of businesses wanting to work with you. This might not work for everyone though, I completely understand most of you have full-time jobs and obligations that make it difficult to travel. I have a very busy day job myself. Start by dedicating just one week a year to visiting a new place. You can also make the most of nearby cities and attractions by taking long weekend adventures. You don’t have to go to Australia for a month to experience the awesomeness of travel. The definition of travel is “to make a journey”. If you live in Atlanta, journey to Hilton Head for a long beach weekend and clear your head. Start small if traveling abroad makes you nervous. Check out budget travel websites and don’t be afraid to stay in hostels or check out some of the amazing options you have on sites like airbnb. You will never regret the travel experiences you create for yourself. Safe and happy travels!

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye

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