Sunday Brunch at the Home Hotel

Sunday brunch was one of the things we enjoyed most during our stay at the home hotel.
Home Hotel offers a classic, comforting restaurant and bar for locals and visitors to enjoy.
They like to think of their restaurant as the “social heart” of the hotel, and it is a spot where food and drink lovers gather over great food and fun atmosphere.

Brunch Home Hotel Buenos Aires

Home’s Bar & Restaurant

True to their name, Home Hotel’s restaurant and bar remain both warm and inviting with touches of modern simplicity. Like walking into someone’s dining room on a sunny day, there are stylish wooden tables with white accents surround by a backdrop of lush garden and glass walls.

Home Hotel Buenos Aires

Daily Breakfast

Each day, The Hotel serves up a charming breakfast in their cozy restaurant. Definitely not your usual breakfast, Home puts thought and creativity into their morning dishes. You’ll sample smoothies served in petit shot glasses, a fresh fruit medley, Croissants, jams and spreads, along with fresh, warm bread.

Weekend Brunch

Each Saturday and Sunday, Home’s restaurant goes beyond their typical breakfast menu. It is a popular place to have a weekend meal for many locals as well as hotel guests due to their exciting menu with tasty and original options.

Home Hotel Restobar

There are many filling options to choose from such as vegetarian, health-conscious, or even a typical English breakfast.

Brunch Home Hotel Buenos Aires

We ordered the classic huevos rancheros (fried eggs with corn tortillas and a superb chili sauce) and the classic English breakfast. Each dish, cooked to perfection and beautifully served, comes with coffee and fresh orange juice.

Home Hotel Restobar

Vibrant Atmosphere

Home Hotel has created a peaceful oasis for brunch lovers to relax for an afternoon, away from the noise and excitement of Palermo Hollywood.
Brunch goes from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm, just at the time of day when the sun strikes the garden and the patio exudes a warmth into the concrete walls and wooden furniture.
The staff are both friendly and professional and they made us feel pampered and welcomed into their home. On a perfect day, you can enjoy your brunch poolside or on tables situated in the garden.

Beyond Brunch

Home Hotel is a popular stop for lunch, dinner, and cocktails as well as their divine breakfast. Resto-bar was named one of the top ten hotel bars in the world by the International Bartenders Association in 2014. It has garnered much fame for the quirky cocktail selection, like Scarlet the Tart and Suck That Mandarin. The owner and chief drink mixer is a world-renowned DJ, so expect to hear funky house music playing through the speakers as you watch cocktails being masterfully crafted.