Hippie Trip to Capilla del Monte

Capilla del Monte

Things to See and Do in Capilla del Monte

After 3 busy weeks in Buenos Aires we decided to hit the road again, this time to Capilla del monte in Cordoba. Capilla is a very small green town in Cordoba (9 hour drive from Buenos Aires), located at the foothills of the Cerro Uritorco mountain, and it’s pick is the highest point of the Sierras Chicas, a mountain chain in Punilla valley.
The Uritorco is well known around Argentina as a spiritual center of paranormal phenomena and UFO sightings.

The possibility of seeing strange lights in the skies in Capilla del Monte, attracts both tourists and scientists. When we asked a local friend about the aliens, he told us to simply look at the sky at night and see for ourselves. And so we did. Yes, there was definitely something; Fast Moving Bright Light in the Sky. I’m not sure what it was, but it certainly wasn’t falling stars or a plane. It was certainly something else that we never saw before.

The town is tiny, peaceful and charming, surrounded by nature with a hippie vibe and a tranquil atmosphere. Downtown there are just a few cafes and restaurants, many organic and natural food stores, craft shops, Yoga, Reiki and meditation studios and even a small cinema. Many locals sell their crafts and delicious homemade pies around town.

There are many small hostels, B&Bs and cute cabins, each one with it’s own style. You can rent a cabin in fairly cheap prices ($30-$50 a night during high season). Our dreamy wooden cabin was just 20 blocks from the center, surrounded by fields with a close view to the Uritorco.

Towns and Sightseeing around Capilla del monte:

La Cumbre

Another small town very close to Capilla del Monte. This town offers many fun activities: fishing, golf, horse riding and beautiful green roads along the river of la Cumbre. Here are some photos from our day-trip along the river:

On the way back from the river we went through another town called Camino de los Artesanos. Very cute village with beautiful houses, full of coffee shops and craft stores. A great place to stop for dinner is ‘El Bosque’ cafe-restaurant.

Lago del cajon

Located just 2km from the center of capilla. It’s an enormous beautiful lake. Amazing place to go for a swim, meditation, fishing and picnics.

San Marcos

This beautiful hippie town is known as the ‘Honey Capital’ of the province of Córdoba, since beekeeping here is one of the leading producers of honey in the province. San Marcos is populated by beautiful landscapes among mountains and two amazing rivers that are known for their warm and clear water (the river and Quilpo san marcos river). A full ecological paradise of peace and harmony. Many artists, musicians ,writers ,artisans and alternative therapists live here.
All this gives this town a framework of relaxation and freedom.

Zen Temple Shobogenji

Shobogenji temple is Located at the “Ojo de Agua” on the slopes of the hill in the magnetic Uritorco in Punilla Valley. In Shobogenji the Zen practice is done in the Soto tradition.  Our friend Max, who’ve been practicing ZaZen in the temple for years, invited us for the Sunday morning meditation and introduced us for the first time to Zen practice. For someone that hardly ever meditates it was hard and pailful to stay at a very specific poster for 30 minutes staring at the wall! but it was also an amazing experience seeing the life in the temple and to experience this beautiful ceremony and even sing together in Japanese at the end of the session.


    • Thank you Katie:) There are so many cute villages and towns to see around Cordoba..
      A must visit if you are in Argentina..

  1. Hi Maureen, we are going to Capilla in May, which cabins did you stay at? It looks soooo cute!!

    • Hi Carol,

      Thank you! We stayed at the cabin you see in the photos – it’s our friend’s place:) Enjoy Capilla!

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