Experience the Real Spa at the Sheraton Colonia – Our Review

Spending a day at the Real Spa within the Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort was a fun, relaxing experience. After spending the last few months in Buenos Aires we decided to go on a short day trip by ferry to Colonia del Sacramento. Spa was the best idea to enjoy a day outside the big city. Keep reading to see what we love about the hotel and its luxurious spa.

A Grand Location

Located in Colonia del Sacramento, one of the oldest towns in Uruguay, the hotel is in the heart of what was once a strategic piece of Portuguese and Spanish assaults and sieges. The fusion of their architecture is seen in the buildings, and is now a UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Sheraton Colonia Review
Photo: Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort

The Hotel

Staying in harmony with the town’s historic roots, the Sheraton Colonia is a modern, beautiful mix of the old and new. Situated right on the Rio de la Plata River, the hotel is a serene, peaceful location for travelers. Golf, luxury, and endless pools, it is the perfect backdrop for a treatment at the Real Spa. People who visit will relax in various ways, so many choose the spa to have a relaxing time, however, some will take to the links to play a round of golf (or more), so if you are one of those who want to swing a club to feel a sense of relaxation, you may want to bring your own personal clubs and custom golf putter grips so you are having as much fun as possible on your well-deserved vacation.

Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort
Photo: Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort

About Real Spa

The custom spas have 17 treatment rooms and a total space of 1,250 square meters. When you book a treatment here you are also offered the enjoyment of their facilities which include a sauna, steam bath, three different pools, yoga room and a fitness center.

Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort
Photo: Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort

The shower room was very spacious with lockers, relaxing room and chill background music. There is also a vanity decked out with essential grooming tools to use after the treatment. We stored our belongings and then changed into a robe and slippers before entering the massage area.

Yoga Room at Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort

The indoor facilities exude a sense of warmth and comfort. We just came during low season and so we were lucky we had the indoor heated pool and yoga room just to ourselves! The spa area is super spacious and relaxing. From the indoor pool, you can swim into the outside and can enjoy the fresh chilly air and the beauty of the outside while still in the heat provided by an inverter swimming pool heat pump.

Yoga Room at Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort

Luxurious Treatments

Services offered at the spa focus on total body enrichment and your wellbeing. Indulgent body treatments, hand and foot care, massages, and facials are a part of the extensive services offered. Anything you desire in a spa can be found here from seaweed wraps to a chocolate body massage.

Pool area, Sheraton Colonia Golf & Spa Resort

The massages offered here suit any style – get a massage before or after a day on the golf course, some lavish signature treatment or even mani/pedi’s.
Beyond that, you can enjoy body wraps that infuse a massage with further treatments to focus on your skin, muscles, and aromatherapy to keep your system in harmony. If you really can’t decide on just one, The spa offers packages that allow you to choose a combination of treatments that suit your needs.

This was a fab day-trip and we recommend the Sheraton Real spa to anyone who comes for a visit.