A Day at the Hamam-Spa & Restaurant: The Entre Cielos Luxury Getaway

After almost a week in Mendoza, visiting wineries around the different regions, riding bicycles, and well, drinking lots of wine, we wanted to relax and do something new and a little bit different.
We were invited to visit Entre Cielos‘ unique Hamam spa and restaurant for the day, located close to the town of Vistalba in the Lujan de Cuyo region, and it didn’t disappoint.



Entre Cielos is a stunning vineyard, hotel and spa in one of the largest wine regions in Latin America and is surrounded by the breathtaking snowcapped Andes mountain range.



This beautiful luxury resort was set up by a group of friends from Switzerland who discovered the property and wanted to create a wine hotel and a vineyard where they could produce their own wine.



It mixes modern architecture with old, historic furnishings, and its Turkish Hamam and Spa is a unique way to spend a relaxing day in the beautiful region.


The Hamam and Spa

Entre Cielos has the first and only traditional Hamam in Latin America.


The Hamam is a traditional Turkish experience that involves six stages of heated and steamed rooms and pools that detoxify tissue and cells.

DSC_0149The thousand-year-old experience involves you letting go of your fears and worries and leaves you in a complete state of relaxation.


Before the experience begins you are handed three very important items: a Pestemal, a traditional Turkish cotton garment that absorbs water fast and feels great on your skin whether wet or dry; a Kese, a key part of Hamam culture, the Kese is a glove that is used to exfoliate your body; and a bowl for cleaning and water use in each room.


The six stages of the Hamam are: the Sogukluk, a steam room at 37°C that allows your body to adjust to the heat; the Kese, this is where your body is rubbed with the Kese (a glove) then carefully rinsed with warm water from the Kuma (water pile); the Sicaklik, a relaxing warm water pool great for blood circulation; the Bingül, a herbal steam room that detoxifies your body; the Lif, a 5-7 minute rub with olive soap; the Gobek Tasi, a hot stone station that helps stimulate your immune system;

20151007_130211Afterwards we had a Rhassoul treatment – an all-natural clay and steam treatment that lasts for about 15 minutes and makes your skin glow with nutrients. And finally the Camekan, a relaxing room where you can lay down and relax after the Hamam circuit.


And I have to say, the experience was incredible. Our favorite stage was the Sicaklik pool (the third stage of Hamam), a warm water pool that helps to stabilize blood circulation and makes you feel infinitely relaxed. Another highlight was the relaxing Camekan area at the end of the circuit where you get to enjoy a delicious cup of Turkish tea, fruit juice and snacks.


The whole thing lasted about an hour-and-a-half and was amazing, we can safely say that we have never felt more relaxed! The spa also offers a number of other treatments including traditional massages, grape-based treatments, and reflexology.

Katharina Restaurant


After our relaxing morning on the Hamam circuit we moved onto the hotel’s restaurant, the Katharina, located in a stunning part of the resort that has beautiful mountain views.



The restaurant is elegant and beautifully designed. Its striking modern design features curved white structures and warm chandelier lighting, and the whole room is surrounded by walls of glass, making you feel like you are a part of the beautiful countryside of vineyards and mountains.



We were thoroughly wined and dined with a perfect three-course lunch. Every course came with a different variety of Entre Cielo’s very own Marantal wine collection, of which they have three labels: Marantal Young, Marantal Classic and Gran Marantal.



The food was fresh and delicious, made with ingredients from the hotel’s orchard and garden. The staff were also extremely knowledgeable about the wines and the service was flawless!

Here’s what we had:

Amuse bouche.

Amuse bouche Amuse bouche

Starters: Warm Ratatouille on top of brioche bread with poached and fried egg, and La Suerte cheddar cheese shavings.

Warm Ratatouille on top of brioche bread with poached and fried egg, and La Suerte cheddar cheese shavings Warm Ratatouille on top of brioche bread with poached and fried egg, and La Suerte cheddar cheese shavings

Bitter Greens, Burrata cheese, house cured Salmon and salt roasted beets.

Bitter Greens, burrata cheese, house cured Salmon and salt roasted beets.

Main courses: Rib eye, with potato and reggianito cheese galette, Brussels sprouts pickled and organic radishes.



Italian Tagliatelle, with seasonal mushrooms ragout.


And for the best part: Quince Tarte Tatin, tangerine scented ice-cream.


Strawberry and Malbec fortified wine triffle , cream of yogurt and carob crisp.

20151007_152548 DSC_0243

The Hamam experience combined with gourmet lunch at Katharina was definitely one the highlights of our trip to Mendoza. What also made Entre Cielos extra special is the staff who ensured that the Hamam was a special and authentic experience, made us feel comfortable and above all extremely relaxed.