Home Budgeting Tips for Travelers

Budgeting Tips for Travelers

Tips for Planning a Home Exchange Vacation

Home Exchange
A How to Guide for Home Swapping Home exchange sounds almost too good to be true to travel lovers: vacation in comfort, pay nothing for accommodation and know that your plants are being watered back home. Fortunately it's not a mythical travel tale - thousands of people swap their homes every year for vacation, whether it's for a weekend, a...

Budget Sleeping Alternatives

Budget Sleeping Alternatives
These past few months we have been planning our big trip to South America and we are setting off in just a week! Considering and calculating the costs and our budget, we realized accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when traveling. If we are able to reduce that cost, it will definitely help us save big! If you don't...

5 tips to keep your traveling budget low

budget tips
Make the Best of Your Money While Traveling Abroad Travel enthusiasts often trouble themselves, make the most use of every dollar they have whenever they are on the move. Taking quality time to plan ahead of the trip can prove very beneficial, especially in matters concerning the trip budget. Without a proper budget, you can be sure of an...