Barra Grande Trip

There are dozens of stunning beaches up and down the long tropical coastline of Bahia. In addition to beautiful beaches there are also coastal towns like Trancoso and Caraíva in the south, the touristy village Morro de São Paulo, the off-the-beaten-path Boipeba Island and of course Barra Grande.
Barra Grande is a small village located on the tip of the Maraú Peninsula, upon Camamu Bay.
We were lucky to stay here on the beach of Taipus de Fora, which is in the heart of the Peninsula, a true piece of paradise and is considered one of most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

How to Get there

20160110_115036Barra Grande is an off-the-beaten-path type place. It is accessible only by boat, Jeep/private transfer, or private plane. Due to the difficult access the village has managed to preserve its unique and authentic charm and environment. Although it attracts more tourists every year, it is still quite peaceful and quiet even in the summertime.
We arrived to Barra Grande from Ilheus by private transfer. There were other options that were much more complicated so we were glad we did take the transfer our pousada (bed and breakfast) owners arranged for us! To get there you need to pass unpaved, dirt roads that are muddy and in a very bad state, so it was much easier to go with a local driver who knew the roads.

How to Get to Salvador

20160110_115325To get to Salvador from Barra Grande (or visa versa) here’s what you need to do:
From our hotel (Taipus de Fora) we took a private transfer to the main village of Barra Grande (a few minutes drive). From there we took a speedboat through the company Camamu Adventury, which has speed boats that leave every hour for Camamu Bay. The speed boat takes 40 minutes and costs R$ 25,00. From there we took a bus with the Cidade do Sol company to Bom Despacho on Itaparica Island (about 4-5 hours drive). From there, we finally took our last mode of transportation, a ferry to Salvador (about 1 hour).

*For more info and options on how to get there you can check this link

Dreamland Bungalows

20160109_13233920160108_13225220160109_133206This beautiful cozy pousada is nestled into the beachfront of the amazing remote beach of Taipus Da Fora, with long sweeps of white sand, coconut palms, mango trees, beautiful natural pools, and coral reefs with tropical fish. 20160108_18505520160108_185447

20160109_143547We only stayed here for 3 nights (unfortunately) and we surely didn’t want to leave! It really felt like we were one of the few lucky ones enjoying this little piece of heaven.
20160109_13071120160109_14550020160110_105018This pousada is definitely something special and not just because of the amazing sea views, the giant palm trees and the sound of the waves. It has a rustic Brazilian design and charm to it and our hosts Jan and Lyana, a Norwegian-Brazilian couple, were so friendly and sweet which made us feel right at home. Our second floor “Villa” had a view to the beach and our room was absolutely dreamy with white bed linens and a balcony complete with a hammock and a writing table (perfect for myself). 20160109_16440420160109_17000620160109_164536

The pousada is located just a few minutes walk between the 2 natural pools and every morning after breakfast we’d go out to the reefs to snorkel and swim in the warm, clear waters.
20160110_09592520160111_084305We loved to go to the “secret” pool, as Jan, our host, used to call it, which is the smaller pool that is less known to travelers and thus, there were less people around. 20160110_16583520160110_12592720160110_152238

Right in front of the beach there is also the pousada’s charming beach bar, which had really great drinks and delicious food – Brazilian and even Norwegian desserts. The bar had a really fun atmosphere and we met some really interesting people. 20160109_14362720160110_15204820160109_14365020160109_175959

I especially loved taking long walks just before sunset, walking along the endless sandy beach that seems goes on and on forever, watching the waves come in and just enjoying been there in the moment.20160110_12093020160110_165630

There are few places I found to be very special during my trip around Brazil and Taipus Da fora is certainly one of them. It is a very special place that I feel so lucky I had the chance to visit.