Best Train Journeys in the World

Best trains in the world

Most of us have a bad taste for long journeys; they give us muscle pool and, without a doubt, waste our precious time which we would otherwise dedicate towards a beneficial course. However, in this Very planet there several train journeys that are sure enough to keep your eyes glued to the beauty that nature has to offer and make the whole journey worth more than the destination. Accourding to Woodies Train Shop, steam engines are a reliable source of power which is why steam trains are such a popular form of transport.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Arguably the best train journey in the world, this train is a legendary one. Boasting maintained performance that date back to 1920s, Vince Simplon-Orient-Express will give you a memorable journey through London, Paris and Venice. You not only enjoy the state of the art private sleeping cabin and its clear windows which give you a clear view of the outside but also, you get to dine in its excellent restaurants and wine in its bar listening to the sweet melodies from its baby piano.
Venice Simplon Orient Express

Glacier Express

This is probably the only train that passes through 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges and at a staggering altitude of 6,670 feet. The site below is absolutely amazing for the travelers. The journey itself takes 8 hours but this is insignificant compared to the panorama that is the bed rock of the whole train path.
Swiss Glacier Express Train

Eastern & Oriental Express

Eastern and Orient express is well known for its stylish comfort and magical cuisines. This train journey is truly the best way of getting the perfect glimpse of East-Asia. Connecting Bangkok to the modern city of Singapore, the train journey passes through the evergreen tropical forest furnished with an amazing topographical characteristic.
eastern orient express train

Royal Scotsman – Scotland

Considered the most expensive train ride in the world, Royal Scotsman has an established reputation among the rich. With capacity of only 36 occupants, the train is executively furnished to the standards of its clientele. Cruising through valleys and mountain and waterfalls, the train suddenly stops at night so that its passengers can have a peaceful sleep.
Royal Scotsman train

Pride of Africa

A trip from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo, Egypt is probably the best way to explore majestic views Africa has to offer. With opportunity to visit Uganda’s Chimpanzees, Victoria falls of Zimbabwe and first hand visit of the famous pyramids of Egypt. This 28 day journey that also includes air and water travel is the best way to visit Africa.
Pride of Africa Train

Al Andalus- Andalucía, Spain

This 800 mile journey is a destination in itself. It presents you to historic places and brings you close to ancient cultures. You get to go through the homes of Pablo Picasso and Federico Lorca. You also get to visit areas such as Granada, Ronda, Seville and Cadiz. Built in 1929, this train journeys from Alhambra palace in Granada to the famous wide streets of Jerez at a cost of $3220. Meals included.
Al Andalus Train spain

Bernina Express

Spectacular indeed is this train journey. Passing through the Alps Mountains, Glaciers, Tunnel, lakes and the UNESCO world heritage Viaducts passengers always forget the magnificence of the train itself and get absorbed by the outside natural beauties. This is a journey that will take you through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges, just to cream your trip.
Bernina Express Train  Alps


  1. Hey! I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE travel days. Especially on trains. And although I have never been on any of these awesome train journeys, I would love to. They look so fancy-pants. One train journey I would add to that is the trans-siberian. Not a fancy ride- but an unbelievably beautiful one!

    Also, we love riding in trains in SEA- in 3rd class. Something about traveling like a local makes things more fun and entertaining. You never know what’s going to happen next in South East Asia!

    Great article!

    • Thanks K.T! I thinks also the road itself and the view counts more than anything :)) Have fun in SEA!!

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