Amansala,  Tulum, Mexico

Amansala, the perfect Eco-Chic Resort located near the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico. This amazing village style resort is surrounded by a white sandy beach and breathtaking turquoise water. Amansala has two properties; Amansala Grande and Amansala Chica just a few minutes away from each other, both have 24 spacious cabanas, offering deluxe beachfront views and/or semi seaviews. If you are looking for a resort to rest, relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself, Amansala is the resort to visit!

To learn more about this amazing resort, I reached out to Amansala’s founder Melissa Perlman to learn more about this breathtaking paradise focused on rejuvenation!

Why did you want to launch Amansala?

I wanted to create a place that embodied community. A place where people could travel to alone or with friends and feel like they were staying at a friends beach house rather than a hotel.


What is the ultimate Amansala experience you want your guests to leave with?

I want guests to leave looking and feeling better than when they arrived.

What do you believe makes Amansala stand out from other coastal resorts?

Mayan magic surrounding the area that makes the right people at the right time appear here. The collective energy from all the amazing people who pass through. We are not a hotel but a community where people connect with each other and make friends on a deeper level than just a good morning, not to mention our amazing food, amazing rooms and classes as well.


Describe Amansala in 3 to 5 words.

Eco Chic back to basics with style and comfort… ok maybe a bit more than 5 words….

Amansala offers three retreats of which one is focused on yoga practice. Beach n’ Bliss, retreat focuses on yoga practice, offering two yoga lessons throughout the day, relaxing massages and delicious healthy meals. This is the perfect yoga retreat to escape your busy lifestyle! Amansala also offers two additional retreats; Destination Detox focused on eating healthy raw foods and Bikini Bootcamp focused on being active and fit. All three retreats main focus is to rejuvenate you inside and out while at Amansala. Darlene Sparling, Resident Yoga Instructor also offered her insight to her training and practice at Amansala.

How long have you been a yoga instructor?

I have been a certified yoga instructor for 10 years, however I started practicing regularly 13 years ago.  


How do you feel the training you’ve received in yoga practice benefits Amansala?

I started training with an intense form of Tantric style yoga, which requires holding positions for a long period of time, in order to enable your body to feel the movement of energy throughout your body while feeding the chakra body with breath and flow.

A few years later, I received my official certification as a teacher training with a school of yoga in India which is affiliated with the Sivananda school of yoga. I spend one year traveling through India and dedicated one month of that time living on an ashram. This gave me the opportunity to learn and respect the traditions of the ancient yoga practices respected in India.  

My background allows me to reach a wide audience as some come to class purely for the physical, others come to simply learn to breathe and meditate, and some for the therapeutic benefits. Regardless of why you come to my class, you will leave with a deeper understanding of the self and a glow that radiates from your inner core to the the smile that you leave the class with.  

Presently I am blessed to be employed at Amansala, which attracts international teachers who come to our retreat with their students. So I am fully immersed in the yogic life.   


Which yoga style/flow do you utilize the most at Amansala?

Most morning classes are generally a strong vinyasa flow classes set to great music to inspire people to move and start their day on an amazing note.  While the evening classes typically incorporate a slow deeper flow followed by gentle restorative poses with props, soft music and aromatherapy.  

Can you describe a yoga session, what should guests expect?

My classes touch on the physiological, energetic and emotional aspects of the student as each class combines a poetic flow of asanas developed to connect each student with their inner vitality, vigor and of course joy.

Students can expect to flow while being guided with inspirational messages as we incorporate the poetry of the body with verbal cues to challenge the body and inspirational messages to guide your mind to a peaceful place of presence.

Whether the focus is a musical meditative flow, or holding specific asanas and drawing the breathe to honor specific areas of the body.  Each class is an experience to grow and evolve within yourself.


Do you feel guests need to have some yoga knowledge and practice beforehand, to be able to practice at Amansala?

All my classes are designed to challenge those who have a regular practice, but will not intimidate those who are newer to yoga.  I encourage people to enjoy the journey, as each and every day our body communicates what it’s feeling on a very pure energetic level, so each class is a new opportunity to experience your body at that very moment while appreciating our imperfections and learning how to find ease within the transitions.  

I encourage all those who may be feeling challenged to use their mat as their sacred space to listen to their body as clearly as they are hearing my voice and not to push themselves to do something their body is not ready for.  I am always there to offer adjustments or modifications.  If someone is very new to yoga, I am always available for questions after class as well as private lessons.  


What yoga experience do you ultimately want your guests to leave with?

Ultimately, I hope that my students find that moment where they pass into that space where their mind is clear and body and spirit align. I hope they find the space where they can lose track of time and focus on the purest form energy circulating through and healing their body.

Do you offer one on one yoga sessions with guests at Amansala?

Private and semi private yoga classes are available at Amansala for those who are new to yoga and would like to learn the basics before attending class or those who would like to focus on more advanced poses.  


Are guests able to contact you after their stay at Amansala?

I welcome all guests to contact me with questions or concerns regarding their yoga practice. I love sharing my knowledge with others as well as being inspired by those guests who have something powerful to teach me.

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