Sharing our Journeys and Passions With the World

IndieTravel is a blog about traveling as a way of life, a document of our journeys and all we have learned in our travels.

We started our trip back in 2013, and since then we’ve been blogging and living a nomadic lifestyle; sometimes moving very fast and sometimes slower, staying in one place for a few months to fully experience the local life.

About Us

Leaving The 9 to 5 to a Life of No Regrets

After 4 incredible years together and finding the everyday reality of our 9-5 jobs and routine utterly unsatisfying, we realized that working to live is much different than living to work and that we didn’t want to wake up in 20 years time and feel that the best years of our lives were spent in an office cubicle.

Because of that, we decided to leave everything behind and start a life of no regrets. We got rid of all things that kept us in a fix location and started preparing for a full time “working online while traveling” lifestyle, starting in South America.

Lets be real about it; we see many stories online that make it look real simple to travel and work online in a sustainable way. This was certainly not our experience. We had our ups and downs with more than one crisis along the way (like losing all our clients on our first month abroad). Don’t get us wrong, traveling as a way of life is possible but in our case, it certainly has involved a lot of hard work, discipline and without a doubt some luck.

Since 2013, we have collected so many memories, met so many amazing people, learned new things and came across beautiful, fascinating cultures and of course had lots of great food!  But It’s not just the adventure and discovering new places; Most importantly, travel was for us, a transformational experience, a therapy, and in so many different ways.
We’ve been to South and Central America, Europe and South East Asia and now we’re hooked! The more we travel, the more we want to keep on moving and discover more about the world and about ourselves.