5 Spots to Check Out While in Lucca, Tuscany

Lucca Tuscany
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Must Visit Spots in Lucca

If you are planning to go to Tuscany, Italy you should consider skipping Pisa and opt to visit Lucca, a beautiful 60,000 habitants town surrounded by medieval wall. The city offers gardens, towers, villas and local cuisine. You can enjoy it by foot or bike without getting exhausted from busy bigger cities like Florence or Rome. If you want to explore more then you can go on a Tuscany Italy Tour but for now, here 5 spots to check out while visiting Lucca, Tuscany.

Panificio A. Giusti

Panificio A. Giusti bakery
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A traditional bakery Panificio Giusti is famous for its soft and delicious focaccia. The store is tiny and crowded but the staff is very nice and used to tourists. Make sure you ask for warm, just came-out of the oven soft focaccia. When you order the focaccia ask for $2 euros or $3. Rather than buying by the grams locals just tell how much they want to spend. Enjoy this focaccia while walking to the streets of Lucca. The bakery offers both thin or thick crust focaccia. You want to order the thick one, trust me. If you like raisin try out the sweet and savory focaccia with raisins.
Address: Via Santa Lucia, 18, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy

Pizzeria da Felice

Pizzeria da Felice lucca
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The best pizza al taglio in Lucca is made in a tiny pizzeria with a big wood oven, not far from Panificio Giusti. Order one or two slices of pizza margherita or indulge in cecina, a flat bread made with chickpeas flour. Don’t expect any fancy service or a table. This is a quick stop for locals before you head out for a late night.
Address: Via Buia, 12, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy


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For a fine dinner with a Michelin chef go to Ristorante L’ Imbuto, situated inside the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art. Don’t expect a traditional meal. The restaurant does not even have a menu. Customers select whether they want to indulge in a light or laborious meal and from there, the chef comes up with creative dishes all based with seasonal ingredients.
Address: Via della Fratta, 36, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy

Cioccolateria Caniparoli

Cioccolateria Caniparoli
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If you are a lover of chocolate this place will not fail you. From the traditional sachertorte, to home-made chocolate spread and bars Cioccolateria Caniparoli tastes as good as it looks. Take it even further by taking one of their classes.
Address: Via S. Paolino, 96, 55100 Lucca, Italy

Gelateria Veneta

Gelateria Veneta Lucca
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This is the best gelato in town made following the same recipes since 1927 when it first opened. Whether you prefer fruit flavors like strawberry and lemon or rich flavors like chocolate and stracciatella this place will change your relationship with gelato forever. My favorite flavor is tiramisu.
Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 74, 55100 Lucca LU, Italy

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