Prohibition Party in London

One of my most magical experiences was in London – 1920’s Party Havana style. I always do a lot of research before traveling to a new place and look for special places and events to experience and see. This was my second time in London with my little sister, Bar, and I decided to make this trip different, exciting and full of events, rather than just go to the main tourists attractions and routes.

I found out there are many 1920’s Prohibition theme party clubs in London. Apparently this is a whole wonderful niche London has to offer and there are many 1920’s Prohibition clubs, as well as vintage shops and beauty salons where you can choose your favorite vintage look, clothing, makeup and hairdo!

1920 Party in London

Specifically, I came across Thecandlelightclub. This club holds these fun ball parties – each time in a new secret location. The 1920’s themed party takes places in the evenings in the most secretive venues. To really add to the atmosphere, the venues are all fuelled and surrounded by candle lights. These evenings are full of social mingling, secret drinking and dancing to the sounds of the music of authentic 1920’s Jazz bands.

1920's Party at the Candlelight club

We bought the tickets online and then we received the location, directions and the secret password just a few days before the event. All the secrecy is to keep with the unique ambience of the prohibition era, of course, but it’s also a lot of fun!

All dressed up as 2 stylish flappers with a wavy hairdo, we found our way to the party. We arrived to this oldish vintage hangar and for a few hours we felt like we turned back the clock to the 1920’s. The atmosphere was magical and the people were fun, friendly and all dressed up so lovely and authentic! The place had a quaint courtyard and we sat in these cute vintage chairs and drank the most speakeasy flavored Mojito you could imagine.  The band members of Shirt Tail Stompers played great 1920’s Swing and Jazz music sweeping everyone off their feet. It was lovely seeing everyone dancing together, performing the Charleston, Swing and Shimmy style with the wavy frenzy dresses and flapper outfits and hats.

1920's party table at The Candlelight club

This was our first and unforgettable night in London. It was such a fun experience and I truly recommend this to everyone. So next time you’re visiting London you should definitely check what vintage parties are on and also where (and how) you can dress up and get ready for the big ball!


  1. Wow!! What an amazing post Mormor!! I knew how talent my sister is, but I didn’t know how much!! What an outstanding writing..I had a wonderful experience with you in London, and It was one of my best experiences in my life! I really hope to fly to London again with you one day!!
    Love you and can’t wait to your next post…♥♥

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