Rooney’s Boutique Hotel

Hotel Review Buenos Aires
Our Stay at Rooney’s Boutique Hotel - Review Located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Rooney’s Boutique Hotel is a truly one of a kind with...

Brazilian Paradise: Barra Grande, Bahia

barra grande bahia brazil
Barra Grande Trip There are dozens of stunning beaches up and down the long tropical coastline of Bahia. In addition to beautiful beaches there are...

Home Hotel Buenos Aires

Home Hotel Buenos Aires
Home Hotel Review – Magnificent Boutique in Palermo Hollywood Within the vibrant, hip neighbourhood of Palermo Hollywood lies a peaceful retreat known as Home Hotel....

Budget Sleeping Alternatives

Budget Sleeping Alternatives
These past few months we have been planning our big trip to South America and we are setting off in just a week! Considering...

Siena Accommodation Ideas

Where to Stay in Siena: A Guide to Accommodation Options The beautiful walled city of Siena is everything a medieval Italian town should be; it's...

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, Montezuma

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, Montezuma Costa Rica Nestled between the warm, wild jungle and the gorgeous beaches of the southern tip of the Nicoya...

Cafayate & Casa Arbol Hostel

Cafayate & Casa Arbol Hostel
Cafayate, Salta | North Argentina Trip If you're traveling around north Argentina, most likely you'll end up doing the same route most travelers do. There...

Manso Boutique Guesthouse

Manso Boutique Guesthouse
Manso Boutique Guesthouse When we decided to go to Guayaquil we weren't planning on staying too long. We stopped here just to relax for a few...

A La Gurda Hostel

A La Gurda Tucuman
Where to Stay in Tucuman We started our 3 months South America trip on a 17 hour bus drive from Buenos Aires to Tucuman. We’ve heard...

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